Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Are the Cubs in trouble?


Chicago starter Carlos Zambrano, whose start on Tuesday was already pushed back two days because of arm fatigue, had to leave that outing in the fifth inning with what is being called an arm injury. Everyone was tight-lipped about what was going on after the game, but the big righty is coming off an August that saw him win just one of his five starts, while pitching to a 7.43 ERA.

If that news wasn't bad enough, Cubs manager Lou Piniella announced before last night's contest that Rich Harden will not pitch until next Wednesday or Thursday - nearly two weeks after his last start.

Piniella says there is nothing wrong with his arm, but I am not buying it. To say Harden is a little injury prone is kind of like saying Amy Winehouse has a slight drug problem. If it was anyone else I would probably believe him, but I think something is bothering Harden.

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