Thursday, August 14, 2008

So what did I miss?

Well as the five or six people who may actually read this have realized, I have been on vacation the last week and since I don't have the common sense to leave this blog in the more than capable hands of my young apprentices - Mike Rushton and Shawn Clarke - it hasn't been updated since I left.

I guess a lot has happened since I left.

Brett Favre is with my beloved New York Jets (oh wait, wrong sport), Tampa Bay has been severely hit by the injury bug, Adam Dunn is in Arizona and Paul Byrd now has to look for a "dentist" in Boston.

Well as far as the baseball news is concerned, Tampa Bay may be the most affected by this past week's events. The Rays have been relatively healthy all season. Now they will have to make do without two monster pieces of the puzzle, as Carl Crawford will probably be lost the rest of the way and Evan Longoria is expected to miss at least the rest of the month with a broken wrist.

They have a nice cushion in the East, but with a ton of road games on the horizon, the wind could be coming out of the upstart Rays' sails pretty soon.

Dunn is obviously Arizona's answer to the Dodgers getting Manny Ramirez at the trade deadline. I have said before if you put Dunn in a real good lineup he will give you Ryan Howard-type numbers. Heck he was doing that anyway with Cincinnati. Now, the D'Backs are not the '27 Yankees, but the lineup is an upgrade over the Reds. No-brainer move by Arizona, which has been putrid at the plate.

The NL West is going to be fun to watch down the stretch.

As far as the Byrd signing goes, well here is my take. For as bad as the Yankees' starting pitching has been, they chose not to block Boston's waiver pickup of him. What does that tell you?

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