Saturday, August 16, 2008

First round picks get paid

All but two of Major League Baseball's first-round draft picks signed with their respective clubs by Friday's midnight deadline.

Washington was unable to close the deal with Missouri right-hander Aaron Crow, while righty Gerrit Cole chose to go the college route rather than sign a $5+ million signing bonus with the New York Yankees.

For anyone interested the 27 first-round picks who signed received an average bonus of $2,484,963, smashing the previous record of $2,154,280 set in 2001.

Also three of the four largest up-front bonuses in draft history were handed out on deadline day this year: The Giants handed catcher Buster Posey a record $6.2 million, while Kansas City and Pittsburgh paid Eric Hosmer and Pedro Alvarez $6 million apiece.

Last year, the Orioles gave Matt Wieters $6 million at the deadline.

Seattle has still yet to sign Josh Fields, but he is a college senior and the deadline did not apply to him.

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