Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pudge to the Yanks

I leave the office for a little bit and what do you know? A trade. It looks as if the New York Yankees have acquired catcher Ivan Rodriguez from the Detroit Tigers for reliever Kyle Farnsworth.

My initial reaction is that I like it from a Yankee standpoint. They needed a legit starting catcher. Pudge is not the hitter he once was, but let's be honest he is an ugrade over Jose Molina at the plate. Plus with that lineup all I-Rod has to do is play defense anyway.

Farnsworth has been pretty steady of late for the Yankees, but they have seen enough of him over the last two years to know he cannot be trusted. Not to mention he has served up 11 home runs as a setup man.

The addition of Damaso Marte over the weekend may have sealed his fate.

Detroit fills need, I guess, but they are weaker behind the plate with Brandon Inge there now on a full-time basis.

Both players are free agents at season's end. You would think Pudge is going to be Type A meaning the Yanks will get two primo picks for him if they offer him arbitration. Farnsworth will likely fall into the Type B category so Detroit will only get one pick in return.

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