Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Buster Olney is a tool

ESPN baseball writer/analyst Buster Olney apparently has his panties in a bunch about some news outlet, or as he referred to, a website backstamping their times on stories to make it look as if they are breaking some sort of news.

Since you basically have to pay for everything on the Worldwide Leader's website these days, I will take the The Big Lead's word for it. They hint that it could be Fox Sports that Olney is referring to.

As someone mentioned to me, if everyone is reporting the story within minutes of it breaking who really cares who has it first? Did Olney used to remind his teacher on a Friday that they forgot to dole out homework on the weekends?

By the way I have seen Ken Rosenthal in action at the Winter Meetings the last couple of seasons and he is an animal. He was the one breaking every big story as far as I could tell. And while we are talking about that I have seen ESPN guys piggybacking Rosenthal scoops, pawning them off as their own.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it Olney.

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